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Monday, 30 September 2013

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Classic Review

Hello again guys, as you probably have seen yesterday I posted my very own first fashion blog post about what's on my autumn/winter 'high street' fashion wish list. I will be doing a higher brand fashion wish list as well as that sometime in the week so keep your eye out girls!

Anyway onto the most important subject of this post! This is my own review of the GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer.

Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Classic
Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Classic
Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Classic Swatch

To start it of for anyone who may not know what a foundation primer is..

What is a foundation primer?

Well a foundation primer is a base for your foundation, you apply it before you apply your foundation and it creates a barrier between your skin and foundation. It also doubles up as a moisturiser as well as a primer. A foundation primer can help ease the application of foundation making your skin look absolutely flawless and it also helps your foundation stay put throughout the day.

I used this foundation primer a few years ago while I was on holiday & I ran out and never bought it since, then I came across it again at my local super drugstore retailing for £12.99 and I decided to pick it up as I was looking for a decent drugstore primer.

This primer is a gel based primer as you can tell on the picture above which is absolutely perfect for my oily skin as cream based primers tend to break me out and make my face feel much more oily.

The packaging is pretty basic, it's a 30ml see through bottle so you know how much you have left which is handy if you're running low. On the bottle it says it's a perfect base for makeup, it fills in fine lines and deep pores into the skin, creating a uniform, matt and silky soft surface enabling the easy & smooth application of foundation.

It does feel a slightly bit greasy on the hands when you apply it onto the face but after application my face did what the bottle said it would.. it made my face feel smooth like velvet.

You only need a small amount of the foundation primer to apply all over the face.
After I applied this to my face then applied my foundation I seen how big a difference it made to my face. My skin looked so flawless, you could barely see my pores, I was pretty amazed.

I don't know how I went without using this foundation primer for so long!
This is a very good foundation primer to use if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to smashbox primers. 

Overall, I think that at £12.99 I'd say it's an absolute bargain, you can buy it from Super drug or Boots stores and it lasts for at least a month, maybe more.

Have you tried the GOSH Velvet Touch Primer?

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Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Autumn/Winter 'High Street' Fashion Wishlist #1

Hello guys.. So today I've decided to go for a slightly different blog post compared to the recent beauty blog posts I've been doing lately... I will be showing you the items on my 'High Street' Fashion Wish List. Every single week or so I come across various different fashion items from different high street stores that I absolutely want or need and I decided to share this with you.



River Island Pink High Neck Crop Top

Pink High Neck Crop Top from River Island

River Island Turquoise Wedge Sandals

Turquoise Platform Wedge Sandals from River Island

River Island Pink Contrast Snake Panel Purse

Pink Contrast Snake Panel Clip Top Purse from River Island

River Island Pink Colour Block Tote Bag
Pink Colour Block Square Tote Bag from River Island

River Island Leopard Print Kimono

Leopard Print Kimono from River Island

Pink Skater Dress New Look

Pink Skater Dress from New Look

What are you loving this week?

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks | Review

L'oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks

So today I'm going to share with you two of my favorite lipsticks which are the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks. I absolutely love my lipsticks and I have a whole collection of them, most of them pink! (I have an obsession with the color pink unfortunately) and I couldn't help but pick these 2 gorgeous shades up. On the left is 'Cheeky Magenta' and on the right is 'Fashionista Pink'. The shade 'Fashionista Pink' is more like a lilac/baby pink shade and I found that when I applied it you can't see the color as much, it's an incredibly soft shade and perfect for everyday use. The shade 'Cheeky Magenta' caught my eye, it's a striking, vibrant pink-purple color and it's not too bold and 'out there'.

The Lipsticks are very moisturizing and almost feels quite 'velvety' on the lips.
The packaging of these lipsticks are so pretty, it looks quite luxurious and sophisticated compared to other 'normal' lipstick packaging which I absolutely love.

The shade selections brilliant, they have a range of 12 different shades including gorgeous pink, red, nude and purple shades. I was going to do some swatches to show you what the lipsticks look like but the lighting was absolutely terrible, boo!

Out of both these shades I have to say that 'Cheeky Magenta' is my favorite because it's highly pigmented and I absolutely adore the shade. I will be looking to buy more shades from the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Range. I really want 'the dating coral' shade.. It's a gorgeous light coral shade and it looks perfect for those that has a light skin tone.

Have you tried the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks? 

Friday, 27 September 2013

The Battle of the Tans: St Moriz VS L'Oreal

So today I've decided to share my very own thoughts on both the St Moriz Dark and L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Mousse. As you probably already know I am fairly pale and I never ever tan nor do I think I ever will :( boo! I wasn't blessed with the gorgeous olive tan unfortunately. I guess this post is kind of bad timing with the summer ending and the sun disappearing but like many I still choose to fake tan through autumn and winter.

St Moriz VS L'Oreal

L'oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Golden Mousse
St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse Dark

St Moriz Dark Tanning Mousse

Starting with the St Moriz Dark Tanning mousse, I heard about this through various beauty blogs, youtubers and I also read some reviews about it online. It's extremely cheap and an absolute bargain at only £4-£5 for a 200ml bottle and you can buy them from various stores such as Tesco's, Superdrug and Boots and you may find them in discount stores near you. The pump dispenses the mousse quite easily and application is fairly easy too.. You can see where your applying it and it's a streak-free tan.

The best time to apply this tan is before bed so you can give it time to sink into the skin and the next day you can wash it off in the shower in the morning. On the back of the bottle it says that is must be washed off after 4-6 hours. I was worried that the tan would come off but it doesn't wash off all the tan, it leaves you with a lovely glowing dark tan.
I was so impressed with how this turned out but the trick to keeping the tan looking good and not patchy is to exfoliate the skin lightly and moisturise 2-3 days after application.

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Golden Tanning Mousse 

Now, onto the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Mousse.. I've heard so many people raving about this so I picked it up from my nearby boots store and I bought this for £10-£15 which is more than double the price of the St Moriz Dark Mousse.

I was very intrigued by what it says on the back of the bottle.. It says 'Infused with golden particles for a subtle shimmer this sumptuous mousse gives a radiant but natural looking tan. A featherlight mousse that melts into the skin and is easy to blend leaving no sticky residues'. After reading this I had such high expectations of this tanning mousse and I expected it to be everything it had stated itself to be. 

I have to agree with what they said though! This mousse really lived up to my expectations because when I applied this tan it looked so natural and it was super easy to blend in. You could tell where you were applying it so you can blend it in easily leaving you with a lovely streak free tan. The L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Mousse is best to use in the summer because of the shimmer in the tan.

Below: St Moriz Dark Tanning Mousse & L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Mousse

St Moriz Tanning Mousse, L'oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tan

Excuse the green mitt! It's due to tanning a little bit too much, oops.. I think I need to buy myself another one soon. Anyway if you look at the St Moriz Tan it looks quite dark compared to the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze. The L'Oreal Sublime Bronze has a nice golden natural tint to it and may look slightly orange but this shouldn't stop you from trying it as it will look incredibly different when you've applied it.
I absolutely love both tans and I adore St Moriz, it's a good dupe for St Tropez fake tan and a bargain too.

Have you tried any of these fake tans?

Thursday, 26 September 2013

L'Oreal True Match Foundation & Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

L'oreal True Match Foundation Ivory
L'oreal True Match Foundation Ivory Swatch

After a day of non stop shopping I had forgotten that I haven't bought myself any foundation and I only had very little money left so I decided to look around in the Superdrug store for a cheaper foundation than my normal everyday one and I came across the L'Oreal True Match Foundation.

I have quite pale skin so I picked up this foundation in the shade Ivory and it only cost me at least £9.99 so I thought why not! I'm always trying out different foundations. The foundation is very yellow toned and it made my skin look so bad that I looked like I was ill or coming down with something. The foundation hasn't got a high amount of coverage.. in fact I think it's a light coverage foundation. A light coverage foundation is pointless to me because I do have A LOT to cover up and I prefer medium to full coverage foundations.

You can choose to build up the foundation but I found out that no matter how much you apply it still comes off very quickly throughout the day and I wasn't impressed with this at all. I personally wouldn't purchase this foundation again but I would recommend this to anyone that has yellow undertones and would like a foundation with a sheer/light coverage though! I think I'm going to stick to my MAC Studio Fix Fluid or Revlon Color stay for now on unless I can find a new foundation.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Transparent

A few months ago I got fed up with the everyday powder that I was using (the Max factor Creme Puff) and I was looking to try out some new face powders and I came across the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in the shade 'Transparent' which I think is the lightest shade they do.

The Rimmel Stay Matte powder is really good! It doesn't make your face look cakey and it does make you look quite natural as it's not a colored powder. On the back of the powder box it says it gives you up to 5 hour shine control and I must say that I totally agree with this statement. I find that I only need to top it up at least once or twice a day to keep the makeup at bay. It really does last 5 hours! I'm so impressed by this powder as you can probably tell because I've nearly used all of it up, oops!

I think the powder is best suited to those that have combination to oily skin because it would make dry skin look a bit cakey. The powder is perfect for me and it's one of my favorite powders to use! I always prefer to apply the powder with a powder brush rather than a powder puff.
 I really urge anyone to try this out, you won't regret it! You never know you might just love it!

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner & Aussie Take the Heat Leave in Spray

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, Aussie Take the Heat Leave in Spray

 Hello lovelies! I thought that I'd do my first haircare post and I chose to share these 2 lovely products with you! I have been dying my hair for years, I've dyed it so many colours ranging from red to blonde to black and even bleached my hair a white blonde so you can imagine how dry and damaged my hair must be by now. I came across these two lovely products in my Boots store and they were on offer for 2 for £7 which was a great offer.

I started using these products a few months ago when my hair was at it's worst after bleaching my hair blonde and these products really helped my hair. I use the Aussie Take the Heat Leave In Spray after I have had a shower or just washed and towel dried my hair.
You just spray it all over the hair especially the ends and underneath the hair before blowdrying. I previously used got2be hair protector but I found that it never really did the job but this is amazing so you should definitely try it out if you have heat damaged hair or you've colored your hair too much like me, oops.

 I am in love with the Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstruction conditioner! It smells beautiful and it makes your hair feel amazing and soft.  You can also use this as a hair mask. You won't need much of the conditioner though! I normally leave it on my hair for at least an hour or so and then rinse and it leaves your hair feeling luxuriously soft. This is my go to conditioner and I won't change it! At least until my hair repairs itself(I can but hope). I definitely recommend both these products to anyone, I would love to try out more of the Aussie range.

Have you tried any of these products?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Range

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Range

Today I decided to share with you one of my new favorite products that I've been using for the past few months which is The Body shop Tea Tree Range! 

I have been having trouble with my skin as it's very prone to acne so I popped into The Body shop to check out what products they had that may help my skin calm down and one of the lovely ladies in the store recommended that I picked up the Tea Tree Range.

 I was pretty thrilled to see that the 3 products: The Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser, Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner and the Tea Tree Clearing Lotion only cost me £13 in a set. She also recommended that I picked up the Tea Tree Oil too which cost me an extra £7 on top.
At first I was really unsure about these products because I know that Tea Tree can possibly dry your skin out but none of these products did that so I was impressed. Every morning and night I apply the cleanser, toner, the lotion and then I apply the tea tree oil on the areas affected by acne.

The first couple of days after using the Tea Tree Range I was noticing that my skin was clearing up a little and my spots seemed to reduce. I am going to keep using the Tea Tree Range and I recommend anyone with acne prone skin to try it out. I will be trying out the Night Lotion and Pore Minimizer next because I'm absolutely in love with the Tea Tree Range!

Check out the Tea Tree Range online here

Have you tried any of these products out? What are your opinions? Will you be trying the Tea Tree Range?

Monday, 23 September 2013

September Favourites

Hello ladies! I've decided that from now on every single month I will be doing a 'favourites' post about my favorite beauty products of the month whether it's skincare, haircare or just makeup in general. Today I have decided to do the first of my favorites post and do a September Favourites.

September Beauty Favourites

As you can see in the above picture I haven't really got any favourite skincare or haircare products this month. Ever since I bought these great new products I haven't managed to put them away.
The products displayed above are listed below:

1. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
2. Real Techniques Powder Brush
3. MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW10
4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in number 20
5. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in number 110 (vibrant coral)
6. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair
7. Rimmel Glam'eyes Professional Liquid Liner in Black Glamour

I have done a review on both the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Powder brush and you can find that in the posts below.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW10

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NW10

The MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation is a foundation that can be built up if you want a medium to full coverage and you'll have absolutely no need for any concealer because this really does the trick all by itself.

The pro's of this foundation are that it's medium to full coverage, it has none of those horrible orange tones in that you usually find in some drugstore foundations and it suits my skin tone perfectly. I was amazed at how well the foundation suited my skin because I have quite fair/pale skin and I'm always struggling to find the right shade of foundation for me.

I am so impressed with this foundation and I will be continuing to use it but only for nights out or special occasions as I feel that it's too expensive and amazing to waste for those pointless days out. The downside of this foundation are that it has no pump and you have to pay for one separately. Also it's only a small bottle so it doesn't have as much foundation in as I'd like it to but overall I love it! Officially one of my holy grail foundations, along with the Revlon Colorstay Foundation.

The Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Kate Moss in Number 20 and 110

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks 20 and 110

I absolutely love these lipsticks! I have been dying to try the Kate Moss Lipstick range out for a while. You can imagine how happy and excited I was when I walked into boots and seen a buy 1 get 2nd half price deal going on so I couldn't resist.

I have always had trouble trying to find a perfect red/coral shade lipstick that looked good on my pale skin so I decided to pick up the shade 110 which is a GORGEOUS vibrant coral shade. When I tried it on I was so amazed at how good it looked, it's very matte and a beautiful bright color so it's mostly suitable for summer. I also bought along with that the shade 20 which is a beautiful purple/pink shade. As my favorite color was pink I couldn't resist buying it. I think the purple shade is slightly less matte than the vibrant coral lipstick but overall I was very impressed and I will be grabbing myself some more Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks in the future. I did some swatches of both of the lipsticks to show you how they'd look on my pale skin.

I definitely urge you guys to buy some of these lipsticks because they're amazing! Don't miss out on the deal they have at boots at the moment!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick 10 and 110 Swatches

          Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer,  Rimmel Glam'eyes Liner

I haven't used this concealer for a couple of years so when I came across this again in one of my nearby discount stores I thought I would pick this up in the shade fair. You should always buy a concealer that is at least one or 2 shades lighter than your skin because otherwise the concealer wouldn't really do anything to conceal those bags under your eyes or conceal your blemishes.

In the past when I used this concealer it always met my expectations and it's quite cheap compared to many other concealers that I've tried.. I think it's at least £4 to £5 in super drug or boots. You should definitely try this out if you're looking for a new concealer for cheaper.

      Rimmel Glam'Eyes Professional Liquid Liner in Black Glamour

I have tried many other liquid liners and gel liners and I can definitely say that I have tried nothing that quite compares to this. It glides on perfectly well and It even turned out perfectly for the first go for once. I was always having to keep reapplying my liquid eyeliner before because it always turned out terrible. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to my liquid eyeliner and I don't like making mistakes so I was absolutely delighted when I picked this up.

Anyway sorry if this took too long to read! It's my third post and I thought I'd put more detail into it. I think I strained my eyes a little concentrating and writing this haha.

 What are your favourites this month?  


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Real Techniques Powder Brush Review

Real Techniques Powder Brush Real Techniques Powder Brush

Hiya Guys! So as I said on my previous review I am going to be reviewing the Real Techniques Powder Brush. If you read my previous review about the wonderful Expert Face Brush you may know that I bought the Powder Brush in a brilliant offer at Boots which was buy 1 get 2nd half price.

I decided to choose the Powder Brush because I'm always looking out for a new Powder Brush that doesn't make my face appear cakey and doesn't pick up too much product. The Powder Brush also comes in a see through box exactly like the Expert Face Brush.

This brush feels reaally soft on the face and I'm so impressed with the overall finish that it gave me. For the first time in a long time my face actually looked pretty good after applying my powder. The brush didn't shed when I applied my powder which normally happens alot when using my normal powder brush so I was pretty amazed when I had no hairs left on my face.

For anyone who has have tried out the RT range, what are your favorites? what brushes do you recommend to buy? 

Review | Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Hiya, Guys.. so where do I start? This is my very first blog post and I just felt like I had to share my own review on the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush by Samantha Chapman. For those who don't know who Samantha Chapman is, she is a Youtuber called Pixiwoo.

In the past I have had so much trouble with finding the perfect foundation brush to apply my foundation. The brushes that I have used in the past made my face look extremely patchy and they didn't give me the nice flawless finish that I was expecting so when I read some reviews about this brush I was so excited and I immediately felt like I had to try it out.

You can imagine my excitement when I walked into the Boots store the other day and seen that there was an amazing offer of buy 1, get 2nd half price on Real Techniques Brushes so I couldn't resist picking it up along with the Real Techniques Powder brush. I got the Expert Face Brush half price and the RRP is £9.99 in Boots so I was absolutely happy when both brushes only cost me around at least £18. I thought it was an absolute bargain!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

 I think this offer is still on so I absolutely advise you to go check the Real Techniques range out! The brush comes in a clear box and on the front of the box it says it gives you high definition results.

I couldn't wait to try them out so the next day I decided to see if they'd meet my expectations. The Expert Face Brush is absolutely amazing! The brush is so soft and really good quality, it really lives up to my expectations and it really does give you high definition results as it says on the front of the box. When I applied my foundation using this brush I was so amazed at how well it glided onto my face and how lovely it made my foundation look. It was streak-free and it gave me the flawless finish that I was longing for! Gone are the days where I walked out of the house with a streaky, patchy face. I have finally found the most perfect foundation brush that I have been searching for.

I am so glad that I bought this brush and I advise any makeup lovers out there to pick one of these up too, you will not regret it! You can visit for tutorials on how to use the Expert Face Brush and many others.

Have you tried the RT Expert Face Brush?


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